Top Tips For Selecting Industrial Office Space

Top Tips For Selecting Industrial Office Space

Nov 27, 2023 | Industrial Office Space For Sale, industrial space, Warehouse, Warehouse Service

An industrial office space is an essential part of many businesses. Choosing the right one can have a huge impact on the success and growth of the company. Just like any other property, you should carefully think about where your business stands currently and where you see it going in the coming years.

In this blog, we are going to explore the tips to help you choose a workplace that meets all your needs.

Tips For Choosing Industrial Office Space


Estimate The Space Needed

This is probably the most important factor to consider before selecting an industrial office space. Always think about your team and how you will work together. Is it a close-knit team, or do you require individual space? Consider your future growth as well. Are you planning to increase the number of members of your team, or are you planning to downsize? As a general rule, it is recommended to have 70 square feet per person. If your employees need a bigger space to work and keep their belongings, you should adjust the space accordingly. 

Consider The Warehouse Size & Location

The size of your warehouse plays a vital role in determining whether the industrial property is a good choice for your business. If you are considering buying a warehouse in Kolkata, make sure to choose the one that has the ability to hold a large amount of equipment or products. However, it should not be too big or too small. A small warehouse will not give you the chance to prepare for seasonal events and festivities. However, if the space is too big, it will cost more, and you will end up paying more than you need. If you are unable to fill it, then the space will be wasted. Finding the right size of the warehouse is key to smooth business operations.

Additionally, the location of the warehouse is also an important factor to consider, and it depends solely on the type of your business. Whether you operate locally or internationally, where do your products come from, and where do you need to deliver them, all of these factors play a huge role in determining the location of your warehouse. If you operate online, then you will be able to cover a potentially wider area. This way, a good warehouse location might make distribution easier. Larger companies might need multiple warehouses in different locations to maintain delivery times and increase storage capacity. 

Access To The Industrial Property

When you are searching for an industrial office space for sale, always consider the accessibility of both the employees and the clients. Take a look at the entrances, how big they are, and if it will be easy to load and unload goods from a vehicle. Consider the commute times of the city and think if traffic will be an obstacle during office times. The location of the office space should be such that it is easily accessible by bus, train, metro, bike, foot, etc. If you are looking for a new office space or planning to relocate, factoring in commute time and choosing the area accordingly is crucial.

Cost Of The Industrial Property

As with any industrial property, the price plays an important role if you want to choose the right one. Buying an industrial office space for sale might be the biggest purchases for your business. Properties in sought-after locations will naturally cost more than others. The size of the property also affects its cost as well. If there are any future developments around the property, the routes leading to and from it can also fluctuate its price. Make sure that the property’s price does not affect the business’s operations.

Should You Rent The Industrial Property?

If buying the property is not reasonable, you should consider renting one. This way, you will be able to avoid upfront costs. You will also gain flexibility on where to keep the goods at different times if you need multiple facilities. If your business is still assimilating, then it might be the best idea to rent a warehouse. 

The Bottom Line

Careful planning and conducting proper research is the key to finding the ideal office space. Addressing and following the tips given above will not only help you choose the best option for you, but it will also give you an idea of what your exact requirements are. You will become more aware of your business’s needs and will understand it better. This way, you will have more time to explore options and make an informed decision.