Shared Warehousing Services In Kolkata

Tech-Driven Practices

As a leading Warehouse real estate service provider in Kolkata, we don’t compromise with technologies. Ever since we began, our objective to implement advanced technologies with sustainable spaces has remained intact. Our use of smart sensors and other customer-centric solutions have helped us garner prominence.

Eco-Friendly Operations

We are on a resource-conserving expansion journey and aim at setting an example for each B2B organization. We want to help them imbibe the principles of eco-friendly sustainability, genuine governance, and social embodiment. Our practices of “green warehousing” are blended with environment-friendly aspects.

Excise Bonded Warehouse

Ganesh Complex operates individualized bonded distribution centres and warehouses. Our customised warehouses are ideally needed by customers with distribution channels and compatible imports. We also offer comprehensive logistics solutions on a flexible short, long, and medium-term basis, depending on your requirements.

Temperature Controlled Spaces

We offer solutions for cargo that require temperature-controlled logistics solutions. For these kinds of needs, what we do is co-invest in building infrastructures in accordance with our clientele’s requirements, thereby helping them meet the specific timelines & regulatory needs for storage, receipts, inventory management, order processing, packaging, pickup, and dispatche

Shared Warehousing & Logistics Solutions

Ganesh Complex has made an incredible mark in the domain of shared warehousing, thereby offering end-to-end warehousing solutions to B2B clients. We are a progressive company that believes in engaging with clients and exploring newer opportunities for strategic relationships. By doing so, there will be a win-win situation for both our clients and us.

We Work With An Array of Industries

We have been serving the nation for more than one decade in the industrial sector. We are working with B2B companies in industries such as papers, recyclable plastic products, tyres, chemicals (that aren’t harmful to the environment), medical and industrial gas, lubricants, etc.

As a leading shared warehouse service provider,

Ganesh Complex offers shared warehousing in Kolkata for small and medium businesses. The companies, who opt for the services, share the spaces in a large warehouse based on their needs and requirements. You need to pay a fixed amount as the rent of the warehouse, and the cost is low in renting shared warehousing. As a top shared warehouse service provider in Kolkata, Ganesh Complex provides storage services such as shipping and packing. For this reason, the service provider can drive the attention of companies and brands that operate or manufacture within a limited space. The warehouse service provider supports the companies in order fulfilment, inventory track record, contract warehousing, cross-docking, transport, and many more.

You will find the warehouse space industrial logistic park primarily in the industrial belts, ports, and airport adjacent areas. The logistics park boosts the company’s connectivity to a wide range of clients and maintains high commercial growth. Real estate services help businesses grow and expand faster, resulting in robust commercial success. The provider for shared warehouseing Kolkata fulfils various requirements of property services. You will find the top-class real estate service provider offering you great realty needs such as property valuation, interior decoration, property finance, property consultancy, etc.

Facts to Consider while Buying or Taking Warehouse on Rent

Steady yet consistent business growth is an inspiring and “dream-come-true” moment for every business owner. With faster business development, you would require warehouse space. Before you buy or take an industrial area on rent, you must consider several factors.

Industrial and commercial spaces come with heavy manufacturing units, light assemblies, flex warehouses, and bulk warehouses. Depending on the client’s specific uses and requirements, industrial properties can differ in size. The category of industrial property is a special-use category that most large manufacturers leverage. The end users get custom properties with machinery, and the properties need substantial renovation for redevelopment. Light assembly includes storage, product assembly, and office space. Flex commercial spaces might be a mix of industrial and office space.


Get Premium Industrial Space Solutions in Kolkata   

Ganesh Complex is a prime warehousing company in Kolkata committed to providing our clients with top-class industrial space services. We have built our reputation on offering cost-effective and dependable business solutions. The range of warehouse spaces in the Howrah-Kolkata location allows the business owners to enjoy seamless warehouse operations that decrease the cost range and boost efficiency. With the blooming digital transformation, the warehouse space has been a  must for most medium and large-sized businesses to stock their products. Our state-of-the-art facility warehouses fulfill the customer needs depending on specific business requirements. The expert team designs suitable inventory solutions using warehouse inventory management services and makes the process easy and quick. Ganesh Complex can be the right partner for you to touch the heights of success in your respective business segment with the best industrial space solutions. 

Ganesh Complex has an array of industrial space in Kolkata to ensure you the best warehouse space to meet your business needs and requirements. Companies involved in production throughout the day require a constant supply of raw materials while keeping the inventory cost low. And, here comes Ganesh Complex with its strategically located industrial spaces. Our agenda is to provide all our clients with real-time visibility, high efficiency, and clear vision in the course of their professional pathway. Whether you need commercial space or office space, contact us to get your business done.


Enjoy Our Industrial Park Facilities in Kolkata

Industrial parks are significant in carrying out transport and goods distribution functions. The industrial parks include warehouses, storage spaces, office spaces, etc. The primary function of industrial parks is running flawless management operations. The parks allow various businesses to arrange their inventories in advance without hassle. Our industrial parks are located near airports and ports in major industrial belts of Kolkata-Howrah. The industrial parks in Kolkata offer high connectivity to a large clientele base to heighten their business growth. The industrial parks at Ganesh Complex are more cost-effective for streamlining the supply chain, eliminating the need for mediators. The state-of-the-art warehousing facilities equip our modern industrial parks with a built-to-suit model to meet rising requirements efficiently on time. We elevate the country’s economic growth by drawing the attention of new businesses and high employment-generating rates. Companies looking for industrial parks can trust us with our strict round-the-clock security.                     

We offer spacious industrial parks in Kolkata that help you overcome the obstacles related to industrialization processes, including restricted infrastructural, technological, and financial spaces and high inventory and transportation costs. Ganesh Complex industrial parks provide quick access to railway stations, ports, airports, and high-speed corridors for prompt transportation support.

About Us

Professionals at Ganesh Complex are deft as they try to meet the industrial and warehousing demands. The competent specialists have worked here for more than a decade, while some have joined with their qualifications.

Both our freshers and experienced professionals work, keeping in mind the advances in technologies and sustainability. Consult our team at your earliest if your B2B business requires warehousing solutions. We promise to guide you through all the complexities.

Comprehensive Sustainability

Ganesh Complex aims at setting a benchmark in the green warehousing practices of India. So, we invest in renewables and craft services in such a way that it does not adversely affect the earth we are living in.


Our services are designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients, i.e., businesses. Our industrial spaces include features like higher elevation, improved logistics, etc. which are built to ensure the demands of our customers are met properly.

Business Resilience:

B2B companies are extensively affected by newer innovations, trends, rules, and legislation. Our services can adapt to these newer changes swiftly, providing great warehousing and logistical solutions at all times, thus adding to business resilience.

Social & Corporate Responsibility

Ganesh Complex is dedicated to maintaining social and corporate responsibilities. With eco-friendly practices like promoting the sustainable use of the land, we set a high standard for society and the corporates who choose our services.


We made the wisest decision when we decided to rent a warehouse from Ganesh Complex. Their warehouses for rent come loaded with modern facilities that have helped us immensely in running our business smoothly

Ankuj Sharma, Executive Director

We wanted an industrial space for rent and Ganesh Complex provided just what we were looking for.The industrial space they offered us came at a competitive price and were loaded with amenities that helped in the seamless operation of our business. Thank You, Ganesh Complex

Abhisek Mathur, Marketing Manager

Our experience working with Ganesh Complex has been simply awesome. They offered us the finest industrial space that we bought at a very competitive cost, and were located in the prime spots that made our business operations smooth.

Sahil Dey, Managing Director