Top five benefits of setting up an office in an industrial space

Top Five Benefits of Setting up an Office in an Industrial Space

Sep 16, 2023 | industrial space, Warehouse

An industrial space is traditionally zoned for manufacturing or heavy industrial use. However, they are gaining popularity among businesses for setting up traditional office spaces therein. 

You might think that an office space in an industrial space will not work. But that’s simply not true. An industrial space or park offers many benefits that can work in favor of setting up office spaces. 

The main advantage of setting up an office in an industrial park is its cost-effectiveness due to large blocks of land development. But there are other benefits as well. Here are the top five benefits that you’ll get if you choose to set up your office space in an industrial park. 

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Industrial Spaces are Flexible

One of the great advantages that industrial spaces have over other types of developments is that almost all of them are flexible or easily reconfigured. This is due to the lease conditions and zoning regulations. The regulations can affect the different aspects of your building, including lot size, height, and density.  

In short, industrial spaces can be easily turned into office spaces without many restrictions. The reason why this is possible is industrial spaces are usually special economic zones. Meaning they have their own trade laws. Zoning is a big part of those regulations, with the laws not as stringent as other development zones. In simpler terms, you can build your office in an industrial space without much of a hassle. 

Customization is Easy

Having your office space in an industrial space can give you ample scope for customization. Standard office spaces have standard building designs, which are not wrong, but customizing your office space can be aesthetically appealing and show innovation. In other words, you can build your office the way you want it. With your office located in a warehouse in Kolkata, you can showcase your creativity and progressiveness with custom designs. 

Administration and Production Units are Near

With your office space in an industrial park, your administrative part, i.e., the office and the production part, i.e., the factory, are close to one another. This can be particularly advantageous. Communications become easier, and thus, general operations become more fluid. Staff from both sides of the business can communicate effectively in person, and that makes for better coordination. 

However, if your office and factory are not located in the same industrial space, this advantage does not apply to your business. So, you should try and build both of your business operation sides in the same industrial space to gain this benefit from a warehouse in Kolkata


Offices in industrial parks can be more cost-effective. Compared to other commercial and retail spaces, industrial parks handle resources and infrastructure in a more comprehensive and systematic manner. Water, energy, and other essential utilities are easily available and managed intensively. The light and medium-scale industries usually found in industrial spaces require a consistent and high-volume supply of essential utilities such as water and energy. 

Having your office in an industrial space can help you tap into the same rate and consistency as the space and enjoy its benefits without spending more. Apart from that, industrial spaces are usually well-connected with main roads and waterways. So, office members can lower their transportation costs significantly. Put simply, offices in industrial spaces can have a more optimized infrastructure and be more cost-effective in their operations both for the business and its employees. 

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Top-Class Facilities

With your office located in an industrial space, you gain automatic access to top-class facilities, such as the best infrastructure, high-speed internet connections, a lot of parking spaces, and many more. Having these facilities can boost your business operations and satisfy your employees and clients alike. 


 Industrial parks are increasingly growing in popularity for having office spaces therein. And that’s not for nothing. It’s cost-effective, flexible, easily customizable, and has many other benefits in terms of smooth operations. These are the immediate benefits you’ll get from having your office in an industrial space. Choose wisely, and if you are looking for industrial office space for sale near Kolkata, you can always trust Ganesh Complex to provide you with the best.