Which B2B business would ever want to handle all quintessential distribution and warehouse requirements? That’s where we come into the forefront. With us by your side, you will be blessed with world-class infrastructure, including the following perks:

Locational Facilities

The strategic physical location of the Ganesh complex warehouses connects it with Howrah and Kolkata seamlessly. It’s an ideal setup for businesses and facilitates the distribution of goods.

An eco-friendly environment with sophisticated landscaping

Giving importance to sustainability, Ganesh Complex’s infrastructure is built in an eco-friendly manner. Any businessman who admires the eco-friendly aspect will get impressed by the lands we provide.

Strong Security

Your goods stay secured by the global standard security gadgets and features that we provide. High boundary walls and gadgets like fire extinguishers, 24*7 security, and CCTV cameras make sure that your goods remain safe and secure.

Packing, Loading & Unloading

Our integrated transportation facilities comprising specialized pieces of equipment, make sure that the loading, unloading, and packaging requirements of businesses are easily met.

Inexpensive Fee Structure

Another great perk of hiring us for your B2B warehousing requirements is our inexpensive and modest fee structure. Our clients call us the best in this industry and thank us for our flexible leases.

Labor, Inventory, and Yard Management

Our skilled and experienced professionals integrate state-of-the-art technologies into the services. That’s how our labor, inventory, and yard management solutions are better than our peers.

How Are We Different

Since our warehouses have been equipped with best-in-class amenities with properly-maintained material handling equipment, our clients really like our solutions. We have been a trusted service provider offering you in-demand warehousing solutions for more than a decade. We consider our client’s happy faces our prime achievement. Over the years, we have served prominent B2B companies with our warehousing solutions and made their operations seamless.

Working with Ganesh Complex has been a wonderful event in my life. The sound logistics company has offered me the most sought-after warehousing amenities that too at an affordable budget.

Ankuj Sharma, Owner and CEO of a B2B company

"With Ganesh Complex, I discovered the most seamless connectivity option with their logistics services. This logistically sound company has been serving us for ages now. I am glad that I chose this company to carry forward my B2B warehousing operations in a straightforward manner."

Abhisek Mathur, CEO of a B2B brand

"My B2B business required warehousing space, and it was difficult to find a reputable name from the market. But soon after I heard about Ganesh Complex, I immediately booked an appointment with them. Thanks, team Ganesh Complex!"

Sahil Dey, Manager of a export company