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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Warehouse in Kolkata

Nov 14, 2022 | Warehouse, Warehouse Service

In today’s highly competitive market era, warehouses play a vital role in the commercial expansion and advancement of medium and large size business companies. It has become an essential factor enabling a smooth supply network worldwide. The emergence of digital commerce has brought massive changes in how consumers order their products, and, along with this, it has also changed the entrepreneurs’ perspectives regarding the distribution process. The evolution of digital businesses has been responsible for the increasing demand for warehouse and factory spaces in Kolkata. Choosing the right warehouse can significantly determine the speed and efficiency of your supply chain with a faster flow of products. If you own a company and want to avail yourself of warehouse services, you must keep a few factors in mind. 

The warehouse offers you the best amenities, resulting in a successful business venture. Finding a well-functioning warehouse and partnering with excellent shipping service providers enable you to deliver a seamless customer delivery experience. Ganesh Complex helps you with all kinds of warehouse needs and facilities in Kolkata. The essential storage services, efficient accessibility, high turnover, and less shrinkage provide the optimal safety of your products during transportation. It reduces the chances of customer complaints due to product damage. The blog will highlight the essential tips you must consider before choosing the warehouse for your business. 

10 Factors to Look Into While Selecting a Warehouse

Selecting a warehouse to store your products seems to be a daunting and confusing process initially. Companies have different warehousing needs based on their activities, conditions, requirements and demand.

1. Location that Matters 

Location is one of the core considerations when choosing a warehouse. Before opting for a warehouse, assess transportation costs from the warehouse to the final destinations for your customers’ orders. Finding a warehouse at the correct location will allow you to meet your customers’ demands and expectations, as you will be able to deliver the orders in a matter of hours of a day. Warehouse locations come onto the ground, no matter what industrial sector you belong to. Whether you are a local, national or international supplier, having warehouses in the ideal locations helps you reach the customer base with minimum cost and timely delivery. Depending on the business requirements, Ganesh Complex provides clients with the most suitable Industrial Space for Sale

2. Warehouse Size Is Important 

Warehouse size depends on several factors, including the kind and number of products you plan to store and the long term objectives of your business. In case you stock large amounts of inventory, it is crucial to have a spacious warehouse for accommodation. A comparatively smaller space is sufficient if you plan for a minor operation with more limited storage needs. So, depending on where you plan to set up your shop, infrastructure requirements vary. 

3. Check It’s Access

While choosing a warehouse, you must ensure that it meets the specific requirements your products need. It will help if you consider how easy it is to access industrial space. It will reduce the chances of delayed delivery as they must stay in the warehouse all the time. For instance, if you start with the import and export business, you must choose a warehouse located close to the port. You have to consider the factors like access to public transportation, road conditions and safety, traffic, proper road signage, and highway connectivity. 

4. Employee Approach Is Crucial  

Another critical factor to consider is the employee approach, as they play a crucial role in dealing with storage and packaging services. An experienced and dependable workforce in a warehouse is an extra advantage. Among the other important things, you must check whether the employees possess the necessary skills to handle the particular products. It will help if you have an ideal warehouse size-employee ratio so that your storage remains safe and secure under utmost invigilation. 

5. Leverage Of Technology 

The most upgraded technology has led to better services in all sectors, including warehousing. You must confirm whether the company’s processing and supply chain systems connect well with the shipping companies and other necessary services. Warehouse Space Industrial Logistic Park leveraging advanced technology perform better at providing smooth operations in the current era. Adopting adept technology in warehousing is vital to ensure a smooth warehouse service. 

6. Look For Multiple Amenities 

Warehousing facilities with diverse proficiencies offer better storage services in comparison to those with a simple warehouse layout. Choosing a warehouse that provides multiple solutions ensures seamless storage and distribution, resulting in reliable services and an efficient supply chain network. The asset-based warehouse service providers invest heavily in their amenities, transportation vehicles, and employees, enabling them to offer a higher level of service than the traditional warehousing service providers do.  

7. Look Into Warehouse Experience 

One of the most robust ways to check the experience of a warehouse service provider is to check its operational dates. It will help, if you find out when the warehouses began their operations, to get a better insight into its age and ability to align with the changes over time. It will help if you match the age of the service provider with its capacity to cope with technological advancements that allow the warehousing process to flow efficiently. You must also establish whether the warehouse has experience dealing with products from your specific industry. 

8. Focus On Risk Management 

As a business person, you must check the risk management system of the Warehouse Space Industrial Logistic Park you choose. As you contact the warehouse service provider, you learn about the risks associated with handling, storing, and shipping products and all associated responsibilities that come under the warehouses. Your warehouse managers must know the risks related to such obligations, safety procedures, and compensation plans. If you want to check the signs of damage to the building structure, whether out of irresponsibility or weather damages, the risk management system checks the roofing and security system effectively for you. 

9. Compare The Prices Carefully 

Everyone wants to get the best value for their hard-earned money when choosing a warehouse for their business. You need to ensure that the warehouse meets your needs and demands. While evaluating different warehouses, it’s essential to consider all the associated costs, including leasing fees and utility expenses. You can determine the affordability by contacting the Ganesh Complex professionals and getting accurate quotes. 

10. Check Clientele Background

You must consider the warehouse’s client profile. If the warehouse usually handles project services for small companies with simple warehousing needs, they probably can not control the advanced needs of more prominent companies. Likewise, if the warehouse deals with products from leading brands, and if you are a mid-sized company, ensure you do not pay for the unnecessary services bigger companies need. Check the client reviews who have previously taken benefits from the warehouse provider and whether they feel satisfied with the services. It will help you to select the best-suited warehouse for your business

To Conclude,

While choosing a warehouse to serve as the base of your business operations, you must learn the basics. You need space, both medium and large, sufficient to accommodate your inventory and space that is easily accessible to vendors and customers. Ultimately, finding the perfect warehouse takes time and effort. Threats from the pandemic have resulted in severe risks to supply chains, with manufacturers and retailers facing the potential outcome. If you put all your efforts and planning, you can ensure that your business undergoes a smooth venture. You can consult Ganesh Complex professionals to gain further insight and suggestions, whether you take an warehouse on sale  or on rent.