5 Benefits of Using Shared Warehousing Services

by | Nov 26, 2022 | Warehouse, Warehouse Service

Warehousing services offer businesses the opportunity to gradually scale units to make them profitable. But, accessing and managing warehouse services involves a considerable cost which can drastically shrink profitability. How can businesses leverage the optimum benefits from warehousing facilities in Kolkata? One easy way to do it is to opt for a shared warehouse facility in Kolkata. It focuses on various benefits offered by shared warehousing services. 

Reduced Cost

Shared warehousing in Kolkata helps in reducing the cost of operations. How? The warehouses in Kolkata have made the process of operating easier for any business. Consider the scenario where you own a warehouse storing your products and inventory. You must bear all the costs for electricity, maintenance, security, water, sanitation, and other aspects. You will pay for the spaces which you are not using presently. It will incur a huge cost. Thus your percentage of profitability will shrink. 

Consider another scenario where you pay a part of the variable and fixed costs for operating your warehouse. You are not required to pay for managing complete spaces. There are other companies present that are sharing the warehouse spaces with it. The total cost will be divided by the number of participants operating the different warehouses. In this case, you will pay only for the spaces you occupy. You will even be required to pay only for electricity, water, food, and other facilities that you use. You will not require to think about security. The warehousing authority will manage security, sanitation, and other maintenance.

Thus, shared warehouses in Kolkata not only reduce the cost of operations but also take away the burden of constantly bearing high maintenance and operations costs. You will be able to leverage the most out of your warehouses and get a better scope to invest more in the business. 

Access To Top-Notch Security

How much can you invest to ensure optimum security for your warehouse in Kolkata? It may be a lot. But can you confidently ensure that it will offer the highest assurance? It seems doubtful. Right? Because to ensure optimum security of your warehouse in Kolkata, you must be able to take the initiative to install high-end cameras, multiple-tier security IT systems, skilled security guards, and many modern facilities, which will increase the cost.

The shared warehousing service providers in Kolkata have the sole interest of ensuring high-end security for your warehouse. They would provide superior technology and services to identify potential loopholes and ensure multiple layered access systems. The warehousing service providers have a dedicated team that deploys the necessary expertise and resources so that you receive the optimum safety for storing products in warehouses. The team would take responsibility for constantly monitoring the system and taking necessary initiatives. You will not be required to maintain a separate security team.

Thus, accessing services of shared warehouses solves the concern about security to a considerable extent. Moreover, they are responsible for ensuring security for other businesses’ warehouses. In that case, the responsibility for maintaining security is considerably reduced. It will help you focus more on your business to make it successful. 

Access To Specific Resources

Some goods require special care while stored in a warehouse. Do your products require special assistance to store, such as controlled temperature, periodic replacement, and others? If yes, then you need dedicated services from warehouse service providers in Kolkata. But, consider that the shared warehouse services can offer similar assistance where you must pay a fraction of managing a complete warehouse. It sounds profitable. Right? Yes! It is so.

Today shared warehouse service providers in Kolkata can make necessary adjustments to cater special needs of many businesses. In many cases, they would charge you additional costs for installing high-end refrigerators, heaters, air conditioning machines, and others. But, you will get this equipment on rent. You will not need to pay the actual price of these industrial products while receiving the necessary benefits.

That is why taking service from shared warehouses in Kolkata is always more beneficial than owning a dedicated warehouse facility. The shared warehouse service providers have trained professionals who can offer additional assistance such as repairing, adjusting, calibrating, and other facilities under the best guidance. You will not need to bear the huge responsibility of managing the warehousing on your own.

Industry Knowledge

Your business caters to services in specific industries and consumer segments. That is why you must process your inventory in such a way that meets the demand of that segment of consumers. If you own an eCommerce company, you need to manage the daily delivery of products to the end consumers. However, if you own a tire company, you must deliver tires to specific businesses on certain days in a month with bulk orders. For this, you require loading trucks with the ordered number of tires. Your warehouse system must have the facility to ensure the safe loading and unloading of materials from the truck. They must have spaces to keep the trucks on standby.

Similarly, for eCommerce business management, the warehouse space must be able to accommodate the frequent movement of carrier vehicles and a large number of delivery staff.

That is why many businesses demand shared warehouse services that work for specific industries. A shared warehouse service working for eCommerce businesses will have a different infrastructure than that of traditional B2B businesses. Today, many shared warehouse service providers in Kolkata offer third-party logistics services so businesses can fulfil their specific needs without investing in owning logistics services.

This way, you can access specialty services from shared warehouses in Kolkata, which cater to the needs of specific industry segments. You must choose the best warehouse service providers based on your business needs. You can choose IT parks to develop your technological ecosystem to support niche business segments. You can choose eCommerce warehouses to access all the necessary benefits to mobilize products from one hub to another. This facility is very difficult and costly to access in dedicated warehousing facilities in Kolkata.  


The contract terms for shared warehousing last for one to three years. After completing the terms, the businesses have the provision to renew the terms under the agreement of both parties involved in the contract. It offers flexibility to businesses to accept the terms based on the success and failure of the businesses. It also offers businesses better scope to scale their business operations as per requirements. You can easily refrain from making long-term obligations.

Therefore, it is always beneficial to choose shared warehousing services when the focus is to reduce the cost of operations while accessing all the necessary benefits. But while choosing a shared warehouse service, you must consider the route to commute, the distance from the local market, the availability of resources, and the proximity to airports, ports, and railways. You should assess the sites from different perspectives and scenarios of managing the warehouse in the long run. Once you become assured of long-term benefits, you can choose the facility for storing goods and inventories.