Moving Your Business to A Factory: The Pros and Cons

Oct 19, 2022 | Warehouse, Warehouse Service

In today’s hi-tech world, dealing with your business with a more strategic and upgraded approach is essential to drive rapid commercial success. A warehouse refers to the storage space that helps in the accumulation of products. The space is vital primarily for those businesses that manufacture, import, and export goods to other business hubs. Buying or renting a factory space plays an immensely crucial role in the course of your business venture to earn you more revenue. If you have a specific location to stock your products, it gives you complete control over your product stock and guides you to ensure that your customers receive the orders on time. You can keep every item organised in one place; naturally, it will save you money and enhance your productivity. 

The warehouse helps you store, transport, and distribute your items from one single location. It makes the entire process easy for you to keep track of and manage your inventory efficiently. In addition, it can lessen your transportation costs, boost flexibility, and reduce your staffing needs. It not only has an immediate impact on your quality of life, but it can also stimulate the quality of your employees to run your business in the long run successfully. Ganesh Complex, one of the leading warehouse service providers in Kolkata, will provide business people with warehouse and factory spaces based on their business types and needs. The blog will explain the positive and negative aspects of moving your business to a factory space. 

Advantages Of Moving Your Business to A Factory

When you opt for the right provider, you can avail several advantages of warehousing that can benefit your business in the long run.

1. Comparatively Lower Investments 

Small businesses can opt for contractual warehousing with significantly lower investments for a specific time scale, making it an ideal option. It implies that you do not have to invest a considerable amount in accessing enough warehouse space. Wholesalers, manufacturers, importers, and other smaller businesses that need instant storage can benefit from contract warehousing as it enables them to better their warehousing operations without much financial risk. 

2. Experienced Warehouse Staff 

While searching for factory space for sale in Kolkata, look at Ganesh Complex, equipped with modern technologies that offer a range of advantages like inventory management, flawless production, lesser risk of processing errors, and many more. The experienced employees at our warehouses successfully operate the proper tracking and logistics services that involve more integrity and control over the processes. In this context, contract warehousing resolves the concern of the business owners who think they have to give up power if they own warehouses and have to handle all the operations themselves. 

3. Best Location and Smooth Distribution 

Another significant advantage of warehousing is the location. Finding a fully-functional, available warehouse to store your items is critical, but our contract warehousing allows you to resolve the issue. It is a much more expensive process to own a warehouse, and with that, the process is also time-consuming. Most of our contract warehouses lie in multiple locations, enabling you to control your stock quickly on demand. 

4. High Safety and Insurance

When you move your business to warehouses, the entire process becomes much safe and more secure. You can leave your products under the surveillance of the contractual warehousing staff to ensure the highest security. When you are not the warehouse owner, you need not worry about safety, as the responsibility lies in the hands of our experienced staff. They maintain and protect all the store products in the warehouse with a security team, necessary insurance, and dozens of cameras.   

5. Decreased Operating Cost

One of the primary reasons behind your relocation to a factory is to reduce your operating cost. If you find it difficult to pay the rent for your current property, you might feel that you have nothing to do but move to a less expensive area. In the initial phase only, you need to look at the locations that run operations at the lowest cost. You will find that several crucial economic reasons might make the space less desirable than you have thought. 

6. Complete Flexibility and Scalability 

Another more significant benefit of using a warehouse for your business is that it is scalable. It allows you to use only the space you need. Various companies require different amounts of storage during different times of the year, helping you in a life-saving and cost-effective way. Besides scalability, we, the top-notch warehouse service providers in Kolkata, offer immense flexibility. We service multiple clients and own a large-scale warehouse with top deals, packages, and options that are far more flexible than you will get in your own warehouse. 

7. Reduced Risks 

Running and managing a business is always a tough job. No one knows what is waiting for you tomorrow, and if your business suffers from a turbulent state, an expensive warehouse will only drag you down. Individuals do not usually pay attention to the amount of time, effort, and money the warehouses come with. Using our contract warehousing in your business will cost you less, and you will suffer from lower risk even if the business plan does not go your way. 

Disadvantages Of Moving Your Business to A Factory

Our experts will also guide you with the cons associated with the relocation of your business to a factory space.

1. Less Control 

In contract warehousing, you might have lesser control over the operations if you opt for the wrong provider. In that case, the right provider, clearly defined needs, and a thorough understanding of the services can help you have more control over your business. Opt for Ganesh Complex as your warehouse option to completely control your business. 

2. It Is Pretty Challenging to Determine What Type of Warehouse You Need

Last but not least, deciding which type of warehouse you need is quite challenging. You must have profound knowledge regarding the business operations, your products, and your storage amount. You need to determine which kind of factory space for sale in Kolkata is suitable for you. Choosing the wrong options can result in several drawbacks. It may take a little time to decode, but you can find many online resources to help you choose the right warehouse. You can contact our running warehouse professionals and clear your queries in determining whether it is the right fit for your company. 

To Conclude,

As a business person, you will experience several pros and cons in the course of finding the right warehouse for your business. Opting for the right warehouse can offer you an excellent customer experience, business flexibility, scalability, lower risk, and much more. You can consult the Ganesh Complex management team to explore the warehousing options available. The professionals at our firm are always happy to offer you more information on warehousing and answer any queries you might have.