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How To Choose the Right Warehouse Service for Your Business

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Warehouse, Warehouse Service

Companies need a robust warehouse presence in order to succeed in the business sector. A warehouse is a large industrial or factory space. Here, you as a company owner, can store the raw materials or the manufactured products before their distribution for sale. As per the general practice, the business people send the goods from the manufacturing units to a warehouse. Here, different sellers distribute products to various corners based on the current market demand. Warehouse services include managing the flow of products, what to manufacture, how much to produce, sharing data at different levels, how much to store at each phase of the process, and selecting the warehouse location, be it local, national, or global. Warehouse companies play an essential role in the exchange of goods. Ganesh Complex, one of the leading providers of Warehouses in Kolkata, has improved its supply chain on different scales to achieve specific business objectives.

In order to reach supply chain objectives such as market expansion, market penetration, and customer support, vital factors associated with a warehouse play a considerable role. Therefore, it is very much important for a company to make several decisions regarding the layout, location, and design before selecting a warehouse. Choosing the right warehouse for your company can make all the difference in how efficient and successful a company is. It takes an insightful decision to lease or purchase a warehouse and selecting the right location that can significantly attribute the company with a sharp competitive edge and serve the customers impactfully. If you are one of those experiencing warehouse needs for the first time, the blog will help you choose the right warehouse services depending on your needs and demands. Ganesh Complex, a highly regarded provider of Warehousing in Kolkata, has modified its supply chain processes to accomplish predetermined business goals.

Let us go through the entire blog to understand the importance of core warehouse services.  

Factors To Consider While Choosing Suitable Warehouse Services: 

Capability To Handle Your Business Products 

It is one of the most important queries that you must have answers to while searching for the best warehousing provider. The company must efficiently handle your business products concerning the following factors:

  • Packing and storing 
  • Technical aspects 
  • Loading procedure

Opting for a warehousing company that is aware of each aspect of handling your business products can help you stay at peace. At the same time, you will save money. You can check whether the warehousing company has really handled your type of products in the past by the offer they provide. You must pay special attention to the equipment to pack, store, and ship your products. 

Importance Of Warehouse Location

Warehouse location is a key factor that you can never be casual about. Why is warehouse location so important? Yes! It is that important. Location is the prime factor that ensures on-time delivery and cost-effectiveness. How to find the best Factory space for sale in Kolkata? You may consider a few factors before choosing your warehouse location, 

  • Check your customer base and target the region. 
  • Find a balance between the warehouse location, availability of customers, and overall convenience. 
  • See whether the road conditions are satisfactory, access is available, what the traffic is like, and if there is clearance for trucks. 

In other words, the location of your warehouse contributes directly to the customer experience and adds to the efficiency of your business. 

High Transportation Access

Accessibility to roads and highways is under definite consideration, especially if the truck is the primary mode of transportation. These are some variables that affect the transportation cost and impact the company’s competitiveness. Consider the most crucial factors,

  • Access to highways and exit ramps
  • Highways’ interconnectivity 
  • Public transportation penetration 
  • Average traffic speed 
  • Average traffic volume 
  • Peak traffic hours 
  • Road safety and conditions 
  • Right road signs and signals

Factors such as crowded highways, surfaces of the roads, and poor signalling systems enhance fuel consumption, accident rates, and wastage of time. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to this point. 

Efficiency And Capabilities of Warehouse Employees

Another essential aspect to consider while choosing the right warehouse services is to see whether they have a reliable and experienced workforce. Whether the workers have the necessary skills to take care of the products? Do the service and setup come at an affordable price for the company? The local demographics also come under consideration. Besides the cost and availability of the workforce, manufacturers need to search for a more skilled workforce to better the packaging and shipping processes. 

Any service-related deficit will result in low-quality customer service and less competitiveness and productivity. You need to compare the area of facilities and number of employees. It determines whether it is a good fit for the kind of services your company needs. Are the warehouse employees knowledgeable about the types of services that they have to serve? Come to the Ganesh Complex professionals to avail of the services and benefit your business in the long run.

Use Of the Latest Technology 

Technology plays an active role in a warehouse environment for a number of reasons. It enables your company to automate and streamline warehousing operations that can boost efficiency and productivity. In addition, technology helps enhance accuracy and lessen errors during the storage and distribution phases. Technology also helps improve collaboration within the warehouse, resulting in better productivity. Ganesh Complex, one of the leading providers of factory space for sale in Kolkata , leverages the most upgraded technologies and solutions to deliver the best services with the least errors. It also helps businesses track and manage inventory levels, timely delivery, and labour costs. 

While choosing a warehouse facility, it is significant to consider the technology that aligns with the current technological requirements. A warehouse with outdated technical infrastructure is less methodical and productive than a warehousing facility with state-of-the-art technology infrastructure. 

Storage Area and Its Advantages 

If the company has strict storage and high requirements for flammable materials, you need to make sure that the location you choose for the warehouse suits and handles the company’s needs. Ganesh Complex professionals understand the suitable approaches to take products, whether they need a chemical system or a water-based system. You need to consider the environment and know whether any water stream is located close to the area. You can avoid unwanted disasters by regularly checking the warehouse location’s storage requirements. It will help if you ask the warehouse owners if they can provide more storage areas in the future to cater to your commercial growth. 

Diverse Facilities 

Warehouses with diverse amenities, as Ganesh Complex offers, provide better services. Our warehouses offer integrated solutions, seamless storage, eco-friendly operations, temperature-controlled spaces, efficient logistics solutions, the capability to work with a wide range of industries, excise bonded warehouses, and a well-organised warehouse layout that results in excellent customer service and satisfaction. Additional benefits include packaging, labelling, dispatching, quality control, and reverse, saving you time and money. 

Safety And Security Measures  

Our professionals are entirely aware of the associated risks that come with warehouse services and responsibilities and provide safety procedure plans. Security is a vital factor when choosing a warehouse. Using an outsourcing vendor for warehousing can lessen the considerable risk associated with logistics. The company partners will take most of the responsibilities as they assist in avoiding and resolving potential issues and work in advance to decrease the traditional problems associated with shifting products with heavy machinery. It is a must to see for the companies how our warehouse professionals handle the issues when any problem arises. 


By now, you must have a wholesome idea of the warehouse services you need to consider while choosing a warehouse, including location, transportation facilities, storage capacity, technological capabilities, shared warehousing services, and various other amenities. It is essential to analyse these factors as they influence your business outcome closely. You may consult the professionals at Ganesh Complex, a top-rated provider of Warehouses in Kolkata, to get more suggestions and insights.