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Factors to Consider While Selecting a Warehouse

by | May 5, 2022 | Warehouse

Finding a balance between a convenient location and price is crucial when deciding on a warehouse location. The place and position of a site Warehouse service provider in Kolkata contribute to the company’s efficiency. It affects the shipping costs and behavioural aspects of the customers. We will discuss Important Factors to Consider While Selecting a Warehouse

Consider the following quotients before deciding on a warehouse location:

The location

Both seasoned business owners and new entrepreneurs look after the growth of their enterprises. Warehouse location plays a pivotal role in both of the cases. Customer visit is essential for both new and old enterprises. Therefore, you must choose a convenient location for the warehouse that people can easily reach.

The communicable location also facilitates cost-effective shipping. You will have to incur unnecessary expenditures if the warehouse stays at a remote location. Choose a position that is near the Railways Station or the highways. You can thus send the consignments at the least possible cost.

Proximity to carrier services

Having the logistics services closer to the Warehouse service provider in Kolkata helps streamline the product shipment process. Businesses aim to find a good balance of a location offering convenience and proximity to the target customers. Besides, choosing a place at a reasonable distance between the manufacturing location, warehouse, and customer will also facilitate faster shipping.

Products in the warehouse

Consult the Warehouse service provider in Kolkata about the products you will store/make in the warehouse. Are your products hazardous? Are those fragile? Will they need refrigeration? You must confirm that the warehouse can satisfy your needs. Planning in this regard will help save time, money, and effort.

Make a plan for flexible leasing options too. Arranging for alternative provisions will help you meet the additional needs during peak seasons.


It becomes the duty of the warehouse provider to offer you means of safety and shelter for the products you are going to keep in the house. Check the provisions for optimal temperature conditions to assure that the products remain in good shape for more extended periods.

Available access

Besides an appropriate location for the warehouse, opening and closing hours are also essential factors to consider while selecting a warehouse. Your space requirement will also depend on the product you are dealing with, whether the product is a seasonal one, and the demand and supply conditions. Access to a suitable space is crucial to keep the goods in the most satisfactory condition. Proper analysis will enable your supply chain to work with more efficiency and at a cost-effective rate.

Nature of client’s business

You will be feeding the needs of your clients. Proper consideration of their businesses will thus affect your decision of warehouse selection. Client parties may need bigger spaces to store the products during the off-season. They may also use your storage facility for the peak seasons. The space requirement may be small in those cases. A freezing environment usually is the need for perishable goods. They preserve vegetables in heated warehouses.

Availability and efficiency of the warehouse processes

Your Warehouse service provider in Kolkata must ensure his cooperation in shipping, picking, docking, storing, and putting away the consignment for the warehouse lender. Most of the warehouses here can provide you with maximum facilities. Check before making the final decision.

Risk factors

Issues relating to security, natural calamities, and the problems arising from warehouse inefficiencies are the risk factors that can affect your decision on warehouse selection. The provider must commit in writing to help keep the goods in the safest conditions.

Partnership with the warehouse provider

Bringing your Warehouse service provider to Kolkata can be a practical decision in choosing a warehouse. Check if the warehouse provider can help you in any way. For instance, Ganesh Complex runs a logistics business too. Partnering with them will free you from carrier worries for the consignments.