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Cutting-Edge Technology for The Future of Industrial Parks

by | Dec 23, 2022 | industrial space, Warehouse, Warehouse Service

What is cutting-edge technology & how does it contribute to the future of industrial parks? Technology is the base of modern day commercial success. Let’s have a discussion how the highly productive technological solutions impact the future of industrial parks  Industrial Growth is a strong base of the Indian economy. Hence, it is crucial to provide the necessary environment for the same. In today’s era, everything has gone online, especially after the worldwide pandemic hit humankind. Technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR), have been integral to our everyday business processes and consumer devices. Not long back, innovative approaches did not apply to most industries or people’s daily lives.

Almost all technological advancements undergo a phase of scepticism. It is wiser to accept that some of today’s cutting-edge “out-of-the-box” developments might be the crux of tomorrow’s business and lifestyle. You will find some of the latest technological innovations which carry high prospects for the near future.  Ganesh Complex, one of the top-notch warehouse space providers, offers clients industrial space for sale with the highest potential. The logistics industry faces a phase of significant changes as the operational practices of the past restrict their ability to deal with the societal changes in behaviour over recent years. The blog discusses cutting-edge technology for the future of industrial parks. 

The Cut-Edge Technologies for Future Warehouses

1. Hyper Automation 

The value of automation for driving operational efficiencies has always been more challenging and transparent than it is now. Our survey found that professionals in this industrial space are automating 80% of the business processes, such as data processing and ticketing, to work with much efficiency and upgrade experiences for their customers and employees. It is essential to point out that hyper-automation is not one technology but the application of existing digital capabilities and is performing in sync to achieve excellent business outcomes. Businesses that do well are taking an iterative move and getting quick wins through innovative platforms that arrange enterprise technologies and leverage low-code to develop, examine, and deliver solutions continually. Ganesh Complex offers Factory Space for Sale in Kolkata to clients based on individual needs and requirements.

2. Autonomous Robots 

Robotics will soon go mainstream. There has been hype around robotics for some time, and many hardware and software technologies are becoming more mature with time. Different industrial sectors can enjoy the benefits of robotics technology. Automation at industrial parks in recent years has involved automated warehouse systems with conveyors or box-level automation using sorters. Unfortunately, the rapid growth in handling individual stock items that have come with the development of e-commerce has led to a high workload. Professionals are currently making attempts to automate the labour-intensive handling of individual stock items. A robot can learn the technological functionalities by itself using techniques such as AI reinforcement learning technique.  

3. Transportation Environment Monitoring 

The Asian nations are experiencing growth in industrial parks due to increasing populations and high living standards resulting in economic growth. It includes attention with a strong focus on distribution, especially in the food service industry. According to researchers, supervising the development of technology development for the transportation environment and pointing out the factors that impact quality. In Southeast Asian nations, urban areas regularly experience heavy traffic congestion, resulting in late deliveries. Moreover, the road conditions in the outskirts of the cities are not in very good conditions, causing damage to the products due to heavy vibration. Hence, it is essential to consider how to maintain the goods’ quality while reducing delivery times.

The technique uses GPS (Global Positioning System) data to monitor and determine vehicle location and speed. Industrial Space for Sale in today’s world comes with this modern, upgraded technology to reach your business to a new height. The research will continue and explore how to monitor the transportation environment to stop quality degradation in the long run.

4. Technologies That Sense & Analyse Worker Activities 

Industrial parks leverage automation at an increasing rate, but it requires manual effort to complete many tasks like before. It requires techniques for an excellent acquisition of online data on worker activities and capabilities to optimise warehouse functions through a flexible mix of different resources. One technique analyses working practices by having workers wearing sensors. The sensory technologies provide expert work assistance and erase human error in the industrial sector, which equips the workers with wearable devices to gather data about their activities. Another technique uses cameras to monitor workers’ activities and performances. The system tracks worker activities in a real-time scenario, joining a method that leverages eye-tracking glasses to point out what the worker looks for or armbands to determine the worker’s physical movements.   

5. AI Governance 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the imitation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. The procedures include acquiring information and rules using the data, leveraging the practices to reach approximate or definite conclusions, and self-correction. Start-ups from various industry sectors use detailed computing algorithms to find remedies from the core database to molecular structures. It can also work on existing products to see which items can be more functional. 

6. Homomorphic Encryption 

Homomorphic encryption is a growing technology that opens up possibilities that most people consider unachievable. It enables two parties to join and compute elements without disclosing the secret data. It can open up numerous opportunities that no one can restrict in today’s time. 

7. Big Data Analysis

The volume of data the world collects is being high at an exponential rate. Software developers use the power of data to filter bulk data into usable information. It helps companies make decisions more quickly and accurately than ever before. The capacity to process vast amounts of data in seconds instead of months or years allows companies to assess geoscience data faster. It helps professionals optimise production and streamline their overall operations. 

8. Extended Reality (XR) 

This Year, Gartner has predicted that one-third of all large organisations deliver multi-dimensional experiences like extended reality. The surveys show that around 80% of the users consider XR an essential differentiator in customer engagement strategies within the next five years. By 2-3 years, business entrepreneurs across the board believe XR impacts customer experiences massively, especially in retail and manufacturing industrial parks. The professionals expect it to impact the operations and organisations looking to build “digital twins” of their core operational processes. Ganesh Complex, one of the leading providers of Factory Space for Sale in Kolkata, helps business people in large industrial spaces and warehouses. Source: ( pega )

Final Takeaways

Some of these technologies may seem far away, but these are feasible and ready to impact your business today. These new advances have driven significant changes in specific industries. The technologies revolutionise almost every industry. With time, technologies continue to grow more thoughtful, under the invigilance of new professionals. Employees must adapt to new business environments by implementing cutting-edge technological solutions within the industry. The rising technologies will change the way industries function, and they will continue to evolve more in the future.