Ganesh Industrial Complex’s goal to lead West Bengal towards re-industrialization – Published BY News Patrolling
June 12, 2022
News Patrolling

Mumbai / Kolkata, 20th July 2022: Ganesh Industrial Complex, a chain of industrial parks centred in Bengal, is giving businesses a platform to grow in Eastern India through their industrial complexes. Ganesh Complex is committed to accelerating Bengal’s industrialization, with a growth-oriented impact on the Eastern and Northeastern states. Four current parks in Ranihati, Rauta and Panchla, spread across 17,424,000 sq feet of space, offer cutting-edge logistical solutions. They collaborate with a number of sectors, such as papers, recyclable plastic items, tyres, medical and industrial gas, lubricants, and companies such as PRAN, PRESTIGE, ANMOL, NOURITURE BY ANMOL FEEDS, EMIZA, V.H. POLYMERS NEXTGEN, AMAZON, etc. Their facilities are customer-centric and include advanced technology and sustainable green warehousing practices.

Speaking on the brands efforts, Mr. Alok Bajoria, Director, Ganesh Industrial Complex, said, “In recent years, we have developed amenities at our industrial sites based on requirements of businesses, leading industry standards. As a result of both Government and private efforts, business and consumer activity are developing swiftly across Bengal. Establishing a foundation for distribution, production, and marketing at a facility with the right facilities is the most effective method to utilize this expanding potential.”

Following the announcement of special infrastructure projects totaling Rs 14,000 crore, concentrated on road and water developments surrounding the capital, the current scenario in Bengal’s industrial landscape appears promising. Additionally, the second-highest concentration of MSMEs in India are found in Bengal, which also accounts for 14% of all MSMEs in the country. Bengal’s MSMEs are crucial to the state’s economy since they support employment, exports, and production while also driving the state’s economic growth. Ganesh Complex further aims to aid in this progress by offering MSME businesses with locations to set up manufacturing hubs. With nearly 90 lakh units operating in Bengal, the state government supports the clusters by setting up common facility centres, offering training, equipment, and tools for approximately 550 MSME clusters.

The company is dedicated to changing Bengal’s identity from that of a consumption-oriented state to that of an industrialized state in the post-covid era. The intention is to make a significant contribution to the state’s industrial infrastructure in order to support the long-term growth of local enterprises. By providing resources for both smaller scale businesses and the top companies migrating to Bengal with the support of the government from a wide range of sectors, including iron and steel, tea, leather, jute, FMCG, metals and minerals, cement, logistics, chemicals, rubber, pharma, plastics, and petroleum, Ganesh Complex hopes to contribute to the goal of taking the Indian economy to the $5 trillion mark. A strategic position, advanced technological integration, sustainable resources, and priority-based end-to-end logistic solutions are just a few of the benefits that the company’s current infrastructure offers its clients.

Under Mr. Bajoria’s direction, the Ganesh Industrial Complex has started its next phase of development, the EASTPANSION. This will result in the construction of locations that are more feasible and highly suited, as the initial steps to building innovative infrastructure for convenient access, utility planning, resource availability, and estate development to provide enterprises with a ready-to-move-in solution for their eastern hub.

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