Health Camp

As a part of our corporate social responsibility, we conduct several health camps to lend a helping hand to people in need. We carry out these camps in both urban and rural areas to help the ones who find it difficult to afford the expenses of a hospital. These camps are free for everyone and focus on the correct diagnosis and treatment of patients, along with free medicines in some cases. Experienced doctors and other expert medical professionals at the camp carry out the necessary to help an individual live a healthy and disease-free life.

 We organize these camps at different locations, even in remote places so that everyone can get the benefit of a proper medical checkup. Many people visit our health camps to avail of correct treatment from professional doctors.

Food & Essential Distribution during Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic affected all sectors and the lives of all people. With a lockdown imposed on all, we had no option but to lock ourselves indoors. We all went through panic and fear of this extremely contagious viral infection. Transports were off and there was a temporary scarcity of food and essential items all over India. In those times, we conducted several camps at several locations to distribute food and other essentials to people in need. We did this while maintaining all safety measures like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

We distributed both staple food items and other essentials like hand sanitizers and soaps to several people. Maybe vaccinations and other practices have reduced the intensity of the pandemic and the number of Covid positives is on the decline, there’s no surety that it won’t strike again. If it repeats, Ganesh Complex will be ready to provide care to the ones needing it.

Blood Donation Camp

Ganesh Complex considers it important to take necessary actions to help everyone who needs it. Blood is a thing that is always required by patients. Many critically ill patients can only be treated through blood. It’s well known that blood cannot be produced synthetically; it can only be obtained from a donor. Also, there are several other safety factors to follow while you collect blood from donors. We organize blood donation camps throughout the year at several locations to meet the demands of blood for patients. 

Our camps are organized by expert hands and caring medical professionals who follow all the safety measures while collecting blood. Our blood donation camps get huge responses with many people willing to donate blood. The collected blood is then carried to blood banks and stored safely.

Warehouse Space
Tree plantation

Trees are an essential component of our ecology. They release oxygen which is so essential to maintain other lives including humans on the earth. Not only that, but trees have a lot of other benefits for human beings and other animals. But many trees get cut every year due to many reasons, and to meet the needs of a healthy ecosystem, many trees must be planted. We carry out tree plantation events wherever and whenever necessary in different parts of the country. We consider it our responsibility to take care of the ecosystem and plant more trees. So, we collect different plants according to the region and plant them regularly so that they grow into sturdy trees and help humanity survive.

Children’s park Development

Children nowadays are very much hooked to a mobile screen with activities like online games and general surfing. But while they can have some positive effects on children’s minds, they also have several negative impacts on children. The negative impacts include mobile addiction, and few to no outdoor activities which act as a hindrance to the healthy growth of children. We thus have taken up initiatives to build and develop children’s parks for children of all ages. The parks we develop are very colorful to attract children and have several games and structures that children can play with.

The healthy growth of a child depends on a proper blend of physical and mental activities. The children’s parks that we build are thoroughly enjoyed by all children. They get a chance to play with other kids, make social connections and build their bodies and minds.