Why Order Fulfilment is an Integral e-Commerce Strategy

Why Order Fulfilment is an Integral E-Commerce Strategy

by | Apr 5, 2024 | eCommerce Warehousing, Warehouse Service

Every eCommerce business prioritises the speedy delivery of goods. However, before an order is handed over to the customer, it undergoes various phases. That’s called order fulfilment in technical terms. 

With customers’ expectations increasing at lightning speed, more businesses are concerned about seamless order delivery. If you are new in this eCommerce market, you might already be looking for an e-commerce warehouse solution

However, underestimating the role of order fulfilment is a sheer mistake that can negatively affect your bottom line. On this note, this post brings everything about order fulfilment and tips for swift delivery. Let’s find out details from the given points.

Explaining Order Fulfilment in a Nutshell – Things to Consider

Until and unless your customer gets the order in hand, you cannot comprehend the appropriate profit. So, the best way to fulfil an order is by assembling and shipping it accordingly. So, your work begins with strategically sourcing it and ends with shipping. Most order fulfilment steps in a warehouse happen under one roof since it offers automated technology and maximum storage. 

With warehousing, companies can better satisfy customers’ demands for efficient and swift order fulfilment. Besides, warehouse spaces available in industrial parks ensure maximum efficiency and productivity while reducing the risks associated with supply chain disruptions or inventory disasters.

Steps You Must Undertake to Ensure Successful Order Fulfilment

Renting a fulfilment warehouse in an industrial space in Kolkata simplifies the process. Note down the following steps that may take place in the space, including management of inventory, supply chain, order processing, quality control, and more. 

Getting and Storing Inventory

As soon as the inventory comes, the need for inspection arises. The amount measures the inventories. Once stored in the fulfilment warehouse, they get organised based on the orders. 

Processing the Order

The order processing management system evaluates the picking and packing of products based on customer orders. This gets automatically handled using software or tools that initiate order processing. 

Picking and Packing

Now, the automated warehouse uses advanced technologies to choose items from storage as per the packing slip instructions. The packing slip has specific details based on the units, sizes, and colours. Once this is done, the packing materials are selected. It also includes return shipping materials as well as labels for future returns or exchanges. 

After this, the order gets sent to the shipping or transportation channel. The order then gets delivered to the customers. In case of any return, the processing begins with the return label and shipping materials with the original customer’s order.

Tips and Tweaks to Improve the Process

A business may have different choices when it comes to order fulfilment strategies. Businesses have several choices based on resources, skills, and preferences when deciding on an order fulfilment strategy. Depending on the skills and resources available in your company, you may prefer either internal fulfilment or outsourced fulfilment.

Begin with the Fundamentals

You need to streamline the receiving process so that income shipments are processed quickly. In addition, this also ensures that the damaged goods are returned accordingly. This can prevent backorders and long waiting times. 

Prioritise Accurately Handling Inventory 

Inaccurate inventory metrics would not get stored or shipped. As a result, it hampers the fulfilment process. Your customers or business partners expect to get products that are in stock. So, in case of inaccuracy, your customers may choose a different vendor to buy products.

Streamlining Picking of Order

Note that order picking is a crucial element. So, optimising the process is vital even for small business owners. It impacts your business’s bottom line and improves the picking operation. You can choose any of the picking types to improve the operation. 

Reduce Packing

More packaging means more time to handle the goods and more money to invest. So, your prime objective should be determining the best way to protect items in transit with minimum minerals. 

Automate As Much As You Can

Automating can save on labour charges while improving work and making the operation safer. While manual work is time-consuming and results in errors, it may also create supply chain issues. Automating the whole process reduces human error and other tasks. That will eventually improve your fulfilment process. 

Wrapping up

One of your company’s top priorities should be to set up an effective fulfilment operation. With the right plan, you can avoid time-consuming and expensive aspects of the business. You may give your consumers an incredible ordering experience and relieve yourself of the burden of handling the logistics and fulfilment process.

The best way to initiate this plan is by renting a fulfilment warehouse where every process takes place with ease. Find a reliable industrial park in Kolkata where fulfilment warehouses are available at affordable rental prices.


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