What are the Top 7 Factors When Choosing a Warehouse Provider

by | May 9, 2022 | Warehouse

Warehouses are product storehouses. Companies need to send frequent consignments to their customers in various places of the country and abroad and keep their goods in the warehouse before loading. The lenders sometimes also produce goods in these places.With the evolution of E-commerce, the demand for warehouses has gone multiply up. This article will elaborate on your considerations for finding an appropriate Warehouse service provider in Kolkata.

Customer Location of the lender

While determining the best location for your warehouse provider, your customer base positioning should be the prime consideration. For instance, if you need to send the products via train, it is essential to search warehouses near any major Railway hubs in the city, i.e., Sealdah, Howrah, or Kolkata Terminal Railway Station.

Similarly, you should search for the Warehouse service provider in Kolkata south if most of the customers are there. There are two primary reasons behind doing so.

  • You can deliver the products they order within the shortest possible time.
  • The cost of shipping will also be much less.

Amount of storage needed

Consider the commodities that you are going to store. Are those inflammable or hazardous types? Your storage area type depends on your storage type. Ensure that the storage can house the products properly.

Worker Availability

Having the right workers is equally essential as having the exact amount of space. Research the locations you are pondering about. You will have to fix the general education level and skill level of local people there. From the data, you will be able to assess the availability of qualified and skilled workers you need for your warehouse.

Position of Carrier Services

Your warehouse is close to your customer’s location. It is wonderful. Another critical aspect in this regard is the position of the nearest carrier services. Their services are crucial for your warehouse. Therefore, you must find a balance between the distance of your customers and the carrier services from your Warehouse service provider’s Kolkata location.

It is best if the provider itself can provide the required logistic services. For instance, Ganesh Complex is a reputed warehouse service provider in the city that owns the service too. The lenders of their warehouse get immense benefits from their trucks and other carrier services.


Make sure that the warehouse is at an accessible location. It is crucial that people can reach your storehouse whenever they need to. An ideal setting in this regard should be a position adjacent to a central Railway Station or close to a major highway. Transports are available to and from there with maximum frequency.

Being in a communicable position is also vital for the workforce you have deployed to do work for you. Some of the storehouses in and around Kolkata are on the highways connecting the city. Others locate near one of the main Railways Terminals.

Your payment game-plan

Coming up with a payment game plan can be crucial for new entrepreneurs. Instead, these people will want to take a warehouse on rent than going for outright purchase or lease. They are not confident about the extent of growth in the next five to ten years.

On the contrary, people who have sustained some growth or have a result-oriented growth plan prefer to go for a long-term lease. In this way, they will have more flexibility to relocate or change based on the growth in the following years.

Probable Risks

Gather information about the position you are planning for the Warehouse service provider in Kolkata. Are there trees that can damage the facility during a storm or other natural calamities? Insurance companies may also reject your application for providing coverage to the property.

The last word

Before departure, I want you to think about the future. Where do you see yourself 5 to 10 years from now? Choose your storehouse based on that. Do not purchase or rent a warehouse for the current size of your company.