Top Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an In-City Warehouse

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an In-City Warehouse

by | Feb 26, 2024 | Warehouse, Warehouse Service, Warehouse Space

Back then, a warehouse was just a large space located outside the bustling city life, somewhere on the outskirts. But as time changed, so have the objectives of businesses. A customer can now get a delivery within one or two days (kudos to the new warehouse operations).

Besides speedy delivery, the recent warehouses offer better revenue to the business. At the same time, it helps them gain happy customers, manage inventory better, and enjoy hassle-free last-mile delivery. In short, that’s what defines an in-city warehouse.

So, if you wish to implement the best e-commerce warehouse solution, considering an in-city warehouse might be a great decision. However, a beginner might find the process somewhat confusing. For this reason, it’s better to get your facts clear and take the right steps. So, without further delay, let’s not understand the mistakes that individuals usually make while choosing an in-city warehouse.

Neglecting Sustainable Warehousing Solutions

The greenhouse emission may impose a lot of challenges for Mother Nature and the habitants. Since companies have a big part to play in managing this emission, choosing a sustainable in-city warehouse is imperative. Now, what does sustainability mean in a warehouse business? Simply put, a business should prioritise the following things to operate sustainably:

  • Give importance to recycling and reusing (a business should smartly manage refunds and returns)
  • Eliminate the paperwork or reduce it (digital modes have helped businesses reduce paperwork conveniently)
  • The warehouse should be properly insulated
  • You must use all the space
  • Sustainable packaging materials should be used

Every business that deals in manufacturing, storing, or delivery needs to implement sought-after solutions into their operations. While handling, distributing, and storing goods, incorporating sustainable practices is imperative. It does not only save Mother Nature but also keeps you and your employees protected. 

Not Planning for Future Business Expansion 

Not planning for future business growth is a big mistake any budding entrepreneur makes. If you want sales, there’s no point in denying the future profits. You will be working for the business to expand in the near future. So, you must take steps that help you achieve profitable outcomes. Amidst your struggles and small victories, neglecting how your business will expand may impose a risk on your operations. 

So, before you buy or lease a warehouse, it is important to ask yourself one thing –

“How are you expecting your business to grow?”  

This question gives you the answer to selecting the right size of a warehouse. It’s imperative to start your future planning by handling materials seamlessly. If you closely monitor the potential for business expansion, you can easily select the right in-city warehouse size.

Not Planning for the Right Location Depending on Your Customers

Your customers’ location plays an important role in helping you evaluate your in-city warehouse location. Your customers will be located inside the city. So, you should first evaluate where they reside. 

Then, you can ensure your customers with speedier last-mile delivery. Your customers expect a lot from you, so you need to satisfy their demands. With timely and speedy delivery services, you can satisfy their demands. That’s why you must understand where your customers stay before buying or leasing the in-city warehouse.

Neglecting the Transportation Scenario of that Place

Your customer’s location isn’t the only criterion for evaluating the right in-city warehouse. You should also understand the transportation scenario of the location you select. Your customers expect speedy delivery, so you must choose an area with decent transportation services.

It’s far more seamless to choose a warehouse close to intermodal transit hubs. For last-mile delivery, you might choose terminals that are close to the location. Ultimately, you should find a space that offers direct access to the customer’s location. On the contrary, your workers and clients also need access to the location. For them, seamless transportation makes their commuting safer.

Hiring Inefficient Workers 

Recruiting inefficient workers might be another mistake for your warehouse business. Inefficiency may result in decreased productivity. Additionally, it may also cause delays in order fulfilment, thereby impacting customer satisfaction negatively.

Unqualified workers who have the least knowledge about warehousing may increase operational expenses. There will be higher risks of accidents and errors in your warehouse. In addition, it creates a poor work culture due to employees’ frustration. That may result in high turnover rates and issues in maintaining a workforce. 

Final Words

The finest thing about urban warehouses is that they offer a larger force of labourers because of the dense population and public transport availability. That makes it evident to choose an area where your workforce can conveniently work. So, as a newcomer in this warehousing business, you must avoid making the above mistakes. Then, your selection for the right warehouse in Kolkata becomes simplified and seamless.


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