The Key Benefits of Using a Warehouse Service Provider in Kolkata

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Real estate, Warehouse

Warehouse services are the services for storage provided by some firms to production houses. They cater to businesses’ storage needs of different products from vegetables to electronics and furniture. Warehouse service providers in Kolkata are essential for firms, especially those with large-scale production. They provide storage services as well as packing and shipping. That is why this service provider attracts many business owners who are currently operating or producing within a limited space. These services become inevitable for producers of non-durable goods like food grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Nevertheless, warehousing includes more than just storing goods in a storage facility. Here are a few of the other services offered by most warehousing firms:

Best Warehouse Service providers in Kolkata offers

Order Fulfilment

The firm that runs a warehouse could provide order fulfilment service to the client. This includes order processing, packaging and labeling, and shipment. Businesses use order fulfilment to minimize operational costs associated with running infrastructure, focus on essential functions, and reach consumers over multiple channels. 

Inventory Control

For controlling inventories, businesses can use warehouse services. For example-, a company can utilize warehouse cycle counts to analyze the delivery of goods to consumers. With this information, the same company can take steps to improve its cycle count. Inventory control might also make it easy for companies to eliminate and reduce receiving errors. 

Contract Warehousing

Contract warehousing is a service for companies willing to establish distribution centres in certain regions. This means a business might set up a warehouse facility overnight and start delivering goods to consumers within a few days. It is in demand among start-ups and businesses experiencing fast growth. These companies may lack the financial resources to set up their warehouses. Furthermore, building a warehouse from the ground up takes time.  


Cross docking enables clients to route products from one or multiple manufacturing sites to a strategically located distribution center. When goods arrive from manufacturing centers, they are deconsolidated into multiple shipments and then delivered to consumers. This service creates financial sense for manufacturers who don’t have the physical space or labour required to undertake exceptional order fulfilment and equipment. This is an addition to manufacturers who need unloading and merging of bulk shipments.


A Warehouse service provider Kolkata can offer transport services to its clients. Depending on the client’s needs, this could include ocean, rail, road, or air transport services. Few companies that offer these services allow their clients to track the movement of goods from one location to another in real-time. This service might make a massive difference between the success and failure of a small business or start-up.


Transloading is transferring goods from one mode of transport to another, for example, the transfer of products from a truck to an aero plane. Few warehouse firms provide these services to their clients. 

Tips For Choosing the Right Warehouse Provider for Your Business 

The Attitude of The Provider

The warehouse service providers’ approach to customer service and proactivity will be key to your ongoing relationship. A strong progressive culture must exist within the organization to ensure they are always driving positive change throughout the supply chain. A dedicated Warehouse service provider in Kolkata will show a positive attitude towards customer service and meeting your needs.


Any warehouse provider ought to manage the volatility of your business, having a flexible solution that runs parallel with your needs, whether this will be increasing or decreasing in volume or a change in the service to match your business requirements. In fact, understanding your business is the key to offering you the right solution at the right time, helping you scale up and down as and when required. This could involve coping with seasonality requirements and fluctuations or new business wins.

IT Support

The provider you choose must be able to provide you with custom automated report functionality to help you manage your inventory. This will allow you to have simple and clear access to your activities. Always make sure that your provider has a good business continuity plan. If you are looking for online services like real-time stock inventories, you must find out what online security they have in place to help protect you.

There are many benefits of warehouse service providers. As a business, you can configure your own tailored logistics program while the warehouse distribution service safely stores your inventory items in their warehouse.