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How Logistics Parks Modernize Business Processes

Dec 8, 2022 | Warehouse, Warehouse Service

In today’s business scenario, small and medium-sized businesses struggle to withstand the financial losses that the Covid-19 pandemic caused worldwide. With downturns and blockages in the global supply chain, small business owners have felt the adverse impact more than ever. Experiencing high expenses and insufficient inventory while fulfilling consumer demand is a challenging act that needs efficient management and functions.

 In the entire journey of products from production to consumption, logistics parks have a leading role over which production houses and suppliers used to have restricted control so far, but the reality has changed. Small and medium-sized businesses must continue to adapt to the constantly changing situation. It provides services in a high-demand limited-capacity supply chain world that the rising logistics cost resulted in with time. Logistic parks serve as the ideal locations for small businesses to execute assembly, processing, and packaging to save costs, enhance business operations. It enables smooth streamlining of storage and shipping processes. Logistic parks are the industrial areas that work on storing, managing, distributing, and transporting goods. The larger logistics parks can potentially change how the Indian subcontinent packs and moves commodities from one place to another. 

Companies can leverage the logistic parks to run and serve local, national, and international markets. Industrial Logistic parks modernise business processes with custom-fit locations and an array of facilities to meet your storage, shipping, and distribution requirements. Ganesh Complex comes with its most innovative and functional warehouse solutions to serve you the best. 

How Do Logistics Parks Contribute to The Modern Business Advancement?

A logistics park serves various functions, with the final goal of streamlining your transportation or warehouse needs. When you take logistics space on rent from Ganesh Complex, you will enjoy the best logistical services possible. 

Logistic Park Functionalities 

Modern logistic parks connect to the various modes of transportation, which will help you deliver your goods to the targeted markets. The parks need to connect to more than one transportation mode initially, but you must ensure that it relates to the transport mediums best suited to fulfil your needs. The most suitable location for logistics parks includes the places near major ports, international airports, and large national hubs. The places come with unique opportunities, regarding distribution and proximity to markets, to overlap with several areas at one time. 

Parks located near seaports make the sea journey more accessible, affordable, and faster. Logistics parks near airports make the import and export process by flight easier. Industrial spaces located near freeways and railways can leverage easy transportation by land. Ganesh complex logistics parks, one of the leading warehouse service providers in Kolkata, lie adjacent to the national highways and railways to connect the entire city, saving costs and time. 

The Economic Relationship Between Small Business and Logistics Parks

With spacious storage unit space, direct transportation connectivity, high employment opportunities, and more efficiency, logistic parks feature numerous benefits, modernising the business process. Logistics parks lying at the centres of the industrial zones, near metro cities and upsurging companies, draw more business and boost economic development. Processing, storage, packaging, and distribution – all in one space increases productivity while reducing costs. Small businesses can organise, sort, store, and manage their product fulfilment process from a single unit, enabling them to serve local, national, and international markets. 

The logistic park offers small businesses the capability of organising and managing operations from a central location, which decreases the cost and smoothens communication among suppliers, consumers, and employees. In addition, logistic parks come with ample employment opportunities by providing assembly jobs, retail and convenience store space, data centres, and office space with specialised software. 

Simplification Of Storage Facilities 

A better way to simplify storage and inventory management is to have an on-site warehouse with open layouts, spacious sizes, and expansion possibilities. Small companies in the light manufacturing industry plan out an inventory from a single hub, operate and move the equipment safely, and adjust the storage space efficiently. The warehouses also work on processing, assembly, maintenance, and distribution. The logistics parks provide open storage space, repair yards, and truck parks for businesses that require ample outdoor space. 

Simplification Of Shipping Services

The cross-media access to shipping ports and direct connections with distribution centres make the logistics parks the perfect option to simplify the shipping process. For a seaport-based logistic park, a businessperson can modernise supply chain management and operations by incorporating their activities near seaport terminals.

Traditional seaport-centric parks are free-to-trade zones without any strict regulations. Container-based parts lie near the storage warehouses and feature cargo stations for connecting and disconnecting cargo for export and distribution. These attributes of a logistic park boost the accessibility and pace and reduce the cost. Industrial Logistic Parks near airports and national hubs lie near freeways, simplifying the shipping process by air and land. The parks lie in urban locations near capital cities; logistic parks enable the transfer of products to local industrial businesses. 

Serve Your Community 

A modern distribution centre not only boosts productivity and reduces costs but also benefits the community. A logistics park also supports other industries in setting foot in the area. Construction companies, consultants, equipment suppliers, and truck transportation companies search for well-built warehousing and logistics operations. Business owners enjoy the benefits of low distribution costs when they are in a well-organised logistics park. 

With more businesses, job opportunities gradually become higher. Communities acknowledge well-built logistic parks as these add value and bring in a lot of money. Logistic parks can place several businesses at once, creating several job potentials. Ganesh Complex logistics parks attract employees easily as it offers many job opportunities with labour accommodation, data centres, and retail stores. 

Operation Management Inside and Outside a Logistics Park

Logistic parks enhance internal productivity and organisation with integration and cooperation among different management, operations, production, and distribution areas. Instead of dealing with external service providers, small businesses can focus more on planning, daily activity management, and order fulfilment. The logistic parks can also control inventory management, warehouse management, and self-storage. Businesses need to keep sanitation, security, and security in mind to grow faster.

Importance Of Infrastructure Management 

One of the significant benefits of leasing space from a warehouse service provider in Kolkata is that the logistics cost will be low. The modern logistics industry calls for the ideal equipment for every part of the supply chain. 

To Sum Up,

No matter which business you are in, Ganesh Complex logistics park helps you expand your business if you ship or receive products. From warehouse space to distribution centre needs, a logistic park is an optimal solution to resolve myriads of issues. In the East-Indian market space, our solutions can make the process easier and smoother. New customers and markets will be at your fingertips with the assistance of efficient, secure, and cost-effective Ganesh Complex Logistic Park Solutions. If you are ready to find a logistic park that fits your needs, contact our professionals to learn more about the logistic park facilities and how they can serve your company.