Factory Space in Kolkata: How To Find It And What To Expect?

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Real estate, Warehouse

Looking to grow your business? Looking for a factory space for sale in Kolkata and nearby areas? We must say that finding a factory space is not that difficult. You will find plenty of results in online search only. But relying solely on the search results and choosing the services of the one ranking high might not be the thing you’d want. 

There are a lot of factors you need to keep in mind to find the right factory space. The market conditions, availability, and your expectations from the space are a few of the factors that you should consider. 

In short, the factory space you choose must meet your business requirements perfectly. Here, we have mentioned some elements you need to consider when choosing a proper industrial space for sale.  

Fix Your Needs In Advance

You are seeking a property for your business; therefore, we can expect that you have settled the needs in mind. You are already aware of the size, type, and location of the property. Being mentally prepared for these things will prompt your search efforts. Besides, use your connection to have a precise idea of the prices. Without them, you will be simply lost in the pieces of information available on the media pages.

Get The Checklist Ready

Have you prepared a set of priorities in your mind? Be prepared with this before starting to look for Factory Space for Sale in Kolkata. Your priorities may include the location of the property and the amenities it comes with. 

The checklist will also contain your budget, floor area, and related factors. Having an estimation in hand will enable you to compare various offers. You will be ready to compromise on certain parameters in your dream space if it finally leads you to a prominent location. Kolkata is a bustling city. Getting a proper business space here needs a stroke of luck too.

Consider The Flexibility of Future Growth

Make sure that the space you are considering for leasing or hiring can easily lead you to the path of growth in the future. It means that you can turn or reshape the area to meet your needs whenever required. For instance, if you are looking for an Industrial Space for Sale, a high and expandable ceiling will be able to provide space for more merchandise.


The location is the most important factor whenever you look for a factory or industrial space. We have already mentioned location prominence. For business interest, a prominent location would mean any spot near the area where most of the target customers dwell, or the potential market exists.

The place will also become prominent and in high demand when the place has proximity to transport hubs, main market places, highways, etc. You must also consider the distance of the local commute from your hub. Make sure that awkward transport availability does not discourage your potential employees from arriving at your centre.

Being Aware of The Current Market Condition Is Essential

Being informed about the current market situation of the commodity you deal in is essential. Most of the product’s markets are changing continuously during and after the pandemic situation. Your cognizance will be held you slightly up while negotiating the best possible deal on the space you are going to occupy.

Your Budget For The Property

Every business deal starts with finance. Budget allocation is thus so crucial. Entrepreneurs set aside the funds before commencing their search for the property. The fund is a cruel eliminator; you will not think twice before eliminating properties that do not fit in the budget.

Consider If The Clear Height Matches Your Need

Clear height means the height of the ceiling that you can use. The more height you get in the ceiling, the more goods you will be able to store in the room. The more goods you can dump there, your profit potential will escalate to that extent.

Property Age

The age of a property is an important factor to consider before you settle it for your business. Experienced people usually look for newer properties as these do not require repairs and maintenance. Older properties may, however, charge less rent.

Know Your Equipment Inside Out

Before searching for a Factory Space, creating a checklist of the equipment you’ll use will be helpful. The procedure involves calculating the dimensions of the items, their weight, etc. If any of the items are electrical, you must take into account the power needed to operate those.

These estimations will help you settle for a warehouse that has compatible wiring and got enough space to accommodate the goods. Double-checking will confirm that the total weight of the equipment and goods does not exceed the load capacity of the floor.

HVAC Provisions

In Kolkata, warehouses seldom have proper Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning facilities. The sellers expect the buyers to make the arrangement, but it also means incurring huge expenses. In case you are lucky to have one already built up and left by the previous lessee or tenant, the question remains whether that person had maintained the unit properly. We advise you not to take responsibility for an already discarded unit.

Before signing the lease contract, make sure that the owner has got proper inspection of the HVAC units if you decide to use the older one,  and made the necessary repairing before you take charge of the unit.

Incidental Cost

Being the owner of commercial space, you will have to incur some costs. These will include repairs, maintenance, taxes, and roof repairs.

As a stakeholder, you must aim to identify an Industry space that can handle the volume of goods you will deal with while keeping the products secure. Fix the prices accordingly.

Final Words

We agree that finding a Factory Space for Sale in Kolkata is entirely different from maintaining a standard office space. Yet, you cannot neglect the overlaps. In both cases, you need to maintain staff thus taking care of essential amenities such as men’s and women’s toilets, break areas, and arrangements for parking spaces.

Fast-going internet connection is also mandatory for the smooth running of your business, helping the employees do their tasks correctly.