7 Factors That Will Help You Find Factory or Warehouse Space That Fits Your Needs and Budget

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Warehouse, Warehouse Service, Work Space For Sale

Many businesses face challenges in procuring warehouse space due to high costs, poor facility layout, high inventory maintenance costs, and others. They cannot afford to invest a huge amount of money in leasing or procuring warehouse or factory spaces.  This is especially true in the economic situation where sales dwindle, and businesses struggle to generate revenue. But, they also cannot afford to overlook the need for accessing a spacious factory and warehouse space. They need a factory and warehouse space to help sustain the business and avoid losses. The article discusses seven key factors to help businesses find factory and warehouse space within budget. Read the discussion to make a better decision.

1. Rent Rates and Taxes

Choosing the right factory and warehouse space depends on the rent rates and taxes that you need to pay. If you are looking for factory and warehouse spaces near Kolkata, you must be aware that the rent rates vary across different parts of Kolkata and its outskirts due to various factors. Kolkata is considered one of the main business hubs in India. Therefore, it becomes challenging for businesses to access any effective factory or warehouse space within the city on a low budget. 

If you are willing to pay high prices or can leverage your business contacts, you might get access to spacious factory or warehouse spaces within Kolkata at a reasonable price. In most cases, you are required to pay monthly rent. The amount of rent charged is considerably high in the city. The farther you move away from the heart of the city, the rental prices will decrease. By collecting data from 99acres.com, a synopsis of the price range of various factory and warehouse facilities in Kolkata and its outskirts has been given below.

Factory Location Rent Per Square Ft. Per Month Warehouse Location Rent Per Square Ft Per Month
Dankuni INR 15 Dankuni INR 16
Liluah INR 14.66 Khardah INR 20.83
Narendrapur INR 12.33 Bagha Jatin INR 29.16
Bonhooghly INR 15 Barasat INR 10


It seems the price is very low. However, a warehouse and factory space must have a minimum of 1000 square feet. If you factor this amount into the available price range, you will be able to get the actual value. Apart from this, you have to pay taxes. However, if you have been successful in developing a large-scale business whose products have high demand in the market, you have chosen Kolkata as the right place. The real estate service providers in Kolkata can offer you factory and warehouse spaces at a considerably cheaper price range if you agree to stay flexible to evaluate various locations per other factors discussed here.

2. Building Availability and Utility Cost

It is another crucial factor you must consider apart from the price. The warehouse and factory spaces must be available for installation with new business. Thankfully, in Kolkata, the chances of available building and factory spaces are high. The warehouse service providers in Kolkata always look out for the available opportunities where a warehouse or factory facility can be built. They can offer you vacant plot locations or departed factory and warehouse locations at a low cost. The key benefit in selecting a real estate facility in Kolkata is its low utility cost compared to any other city in Kolkata. You can access a good supply of water, electricity, food, and other facilities, which are critical for operating your business successfully in the area. However, the further you move away from the centre of the city, the more challenging it will become to access the resources.

3. Workforce Availability, Skills, And Costs

The success and failure of the business depend on the skill set of the trained workforce. The easy access to skilled human resources leaves a distinct mark on the footprint of the businesses. Therefore, you must choose the factory and warehouse space in locations where you can access the trained workforce. Mostly it is difficult to access a skilled labour force in the outskirts of Kolkata. But, the labour force cost is considerably low in those areas. Hiring skilled labour forces in Kolkata is comparatively costly. It is also competitive in the context of losing the labour force to other organizations which can offer better pay. Therefore you must find out the best real estate service providers in Kolkata who can help you in locating the best warehouse and factory facility which can offer access to a suitable labour force specific to your business. 

4. Proximity To Airways, Railway Stations, And Ports

The factory or warehouse space must be well connected to airports, railway stations, and ports. All three benefits are easily available if you find a good factory and warehouse space in Kolkata. The city is connected by DumDum airport, Howrah and Sealdah railway station, and Hooghly and Howrah port. Thereby, you can easily access any commute suitable for your business. Despite this benefit, the real estate service providers do not hike the warehouse and factory prices in Kolkata compared to that other cities. 

5. Proximity To Markets

When you are investing considerably in accessing factory or warehouse locations to develop your business, you must be aware of the best route to access the market. The city is connected with the Bombay and Delhi highway, which helps reach out to India’s densest consumer markets. Apart from this, the city is the house of a big consumer and business market. With economic progression, the nearby locations of Kolkata, such as Hooghly, Howrah, 24 Parganas, and other places, have developed an effective consumer and business market which are effective to make your business profitable.

6. Local Environment Factors

The warehouse service providers in Kolkata offer places where businesses can maintain proper water sanitation, air pollution, sound pollution, and other critical environmental measures. It is also your responsibility to check if the space is environmentally friendly. A poorly constructed warehouse or factory space can create severe threats to continuing your business successfully. Moreover, if your warehouse management system starts polluting the water and air, you might get objections from respective authorities to continue the operations.

7. Roads, Highways, And Traffic Flows

Last but not least is that the warehouse and factory space must be well connected with roads, highways, and traffic flow. It will help you deliver products to distant locations and offer you a better scope to access an effective workforce and market. You must consider these key factors while choosing the right factory and warehouse space suitable for your business. The warehouse service providers in Kolkata can help you access the best location available. Therefore, you should communicate your requirements and expected price consideration.